Against Ambedkar,  Against the World

The year is 2030, India will never be the same again…

What happens when a Brahmin youth decides to embark on a life-changing journey to lose his virginity and find his caste?


What happens when the young lad runs into the ultimate giant of modern India’s identity: Ambedkar?


What happens when Kejriwal becomes the seventeenth prime-minister of India in a historic mandate?


Welcome to the world of Mayank (the virgin Brahmin), Kamlesh (the SC with super-powers), Boboi (the tree-worshipping Catholic) and Shiv (the perpetual lover) as their destinies collide in this  chilling, dark and coked-up journey, in time and space, through an India that you have never seen before. 


The Children of Rape


                                   Rape. Revolution. Revenge.


In 2011 India comes alive for the first time after independence as the biggest anti-corruption movement in Indian history kicks-off. But four Delhi University students, oblivious and lost, are busy discovering the joys of adulthood in the dark underbellies of Delhi.


Until a rape changes their lives forever, changes the very nature of their existence. As a shocked nation struggles to come to terms with its reality, these young men must embark upon a journey in search of their true identities. Can they untangle their destinies from that of their country? Or must they confront the world as the Children of Rape?


The Children of Rape is the story of Harshit, a young Indian living in France, trying to exorcise the demons of his past. Haunted by shadows of all the people he failed, he must travel down the memory lane, from the cold and melancholy streets of France to the revolution-ridden capital of India.